Medina Makes List of Most Expensive Neighborhoods

Hunts Point Waterfront Home

Bloomberg Business Week recently published an article on the most expensive neighborhoods in the nation, and one Bellevue community made the list-Medina.  More specifically, the list pinpoints the most expensive blocks, identifying the area from 84th Avenue to the waterfront at Lake Washington.  These homes have a median value of $1,452,523 and the Lake Washington waterfront homes average a price point of about $3,000,000.  The article features data from Neighborhood Scout Reports website, which regularly reports the data taken from neighborhoods across the U.S.  Bellevue luxury real estate can also be found in nearby communities Yarrow Point and Hunts Point.  Follow the link to search for Bellevue luxury homes for sale.

Possible Tolling on 405

Now that the 520 tolling is set to begin in April, Washington lawmakers are thinking about tolling 405 too, but just the carpool lanes of 405 running from Bellevue to Lynwood like those that are on Highway 167.  The expected start date, if a proposal is accepted, would be in 2014.  The first phase location would be near Kirkland.  After the highway is expanded, the 2 carpool lanes on 405 will be converted to HOT lanes (High Occupancy or Tolling) lanes.  The tolling will make up for “flat gas tax”.  The tolls on 405 are expected to be slightly higher than those on other highways like 167, averaging about $ .74/mile.   The tolling would be electronic using the same “Good to Go” system planned for 520. Although the tolling may seem ridiculous to some, the state expects to see much less traffic congestion as a result.  Decreased driving time is a plus in my book.

I-405 Closure in Early April

April 1st through 4th, sections o 1-405 between N.E. 8th St. and 520 will be closed.  Crews will be working to take down the NE 12th Street Bridge, which will be replaced.  The weekend closure is the largest construction closure of the season.  The closures will begin the 1st at 11 p.m. until the 4th at 4 a.m.   See full closure details by visiting the WDOT website.