520 Bridge Closed This Weekend

Get ready for traffic, because both ways of the Highway 520 Bridge will be closed this weekend from 11 pm on Friday to 5 a m on Monday morning.  Crews will be working on variety of issues from Montlake Boulevard in Seattle to 1-405 in Bellevue.  Be prepared to take alternate routes and face higher commute times.  For more information, please visit the official WSDOT website.

Redmond Substation on Fire

A power station in Redmond caught on fire today and black smoke can be seen all the way from Seattle (See photo).  The fire has caused several areas to loose power, including parts of Kirkland and Redmond.  Please click on King 5 to learn more about the story.

520 Bridge Tolling Delayed Once Again

The tolling of the 520 Bridge continues to be delayed, and the DOT revealed today that tolling won’t begin until the summer.  The systemized tolling, controlled by the “Good to Go” transponders, was supposed to begin in April.  A 520 traveler’s “Good to Go” account would allow them to travel on the bridge and have the tolls taken out of a pre-paid amount.  Transponders are activated by license plate numbers so that you can travel hassle free.  However, DOT continues to find glitches in the system and thus, operations are delayed further.  Please refer to this Seattle Times article for more information on the 520 Bridge tolling.