Bellevue Burgermaster

Most Seattlites now about Burgermaster, the drive-up eatery with awesome burgers and fries you eat in your car.  Lucky for us, there are five locations in the Greater Seattle Area.  The original is over in the U-District, and the others are in Mill Creek, Everett, on Aurora and the other is across the water in Bellevue, just off of 520.  Burgermasters get more than their fair share of visitors every day, but the weekend is definitely the busiest.  A friend of mine found himself waiting to park for about 15 minutes when he went to the Bellevue location this past Saturday.  I guess you have to be patient to get a burger from a classic, Bellevue joint. If you’re ever in the area and need a bite, check out Burgermaster and get a banana malt…they’re fantastic!

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