520 Closure

520 Bride will be closed from Friday February 24th at 11pm through Monday February 27th at 5am.  When crews close 520 they close both directions of the SR 520 floating bridge and highway and all ramps between Montlake Boulevard and I-405.  Crews will also close the Bellevue Way Northeast overpass from 11 p.m. Friday night through 5 p.m. Saturday while crews set girders.  When crews close the highway, SR 520 remains open between Montlake Boulevard and I-5. In Bellevue, the 108th Avenue Northeast on-ramp to eastbound SR 520 remains open and in Seattle, the Montlake Boulevard ramps from eastbound SR 520 and to westbound SR 520 remain open.  All ramps and the mainline are required to reopen by 5 a.m. Monday following weekend closures.  Please use alternative routes or delay your trip to Seattle or Eastside if possible.

Got Your “Good to Go” Pass Yet? – 520 Toll Starts

Less than 48 hours until the tolling begins on 520 Bridge.  The tolling starts at 5am on Thursday, December 29th 2001 and those without the “Good to Go” pass will be charged an $1.50 per trip.  Cameras on the bridge will take photos of license plates and they will send the bill to the registered owner of the vehicle.  To get your “Good to Go” pass you can go to Fred Meyer, Safeway, QFC or Costco and then activate it online or call the customer service center.  There are 5 different passes you can choose from.  No tolls will be collected between the hours of 11pm and 5am daily.

520 Bridge Tolling Delayed Once Again

The tolling of the 520 Bridge continues to be delayed, and the DOT revealed today that tolling won’t begin until the summer.  The systemized tolling, controlled by the “Good to Go” transponders, was supposed to begin in April.  A 520 traveler’s “Good to Go” account would allow them to travel on the bridge and have the tolls taken out of a pre-paid amount.  Transponders are activated by license plate numbers so that you can travel hassle free.  However, DOT continues to find glitches in the system and thus, operations are delayed further.  Please refer to this Seattle Times article for more information on the 520 Bridge tolling.

Possible Tolling on 405

Now that the 520 tolling is set to begin in April, Washington lawmakers are thinking about tolling 405 too, but just the carpool lanes of 405 running from Bellevue to Lynwood like those that are on Highway 167.  The expected start date, if a proposal is accepted, would be in 2014.  The first phase location would be near Kirkland.  After the highway is expanded, the 2 carpool lanes on 405 will be converted to HOT lanes (High Occupancy or Tolling) lanes.  The tolling will make up for “flat gas tax”.  The tolls on 405 are expected to be slightly higher than those on other highways like 167, averaging about $ .74/mile.   The tolling would be electronic using the same “Good to Go” system planned for 520. Although the tolling may seem ridiculous to some, the state expects to see much less traffic congestion as a result.  Decreased driving time is a plus in my book.

Homesick Dog Heads Toward Bellevue Via 520

Dog on 520Zeb, an Australian shepherd, was spotted on the 520 bridge heading towards Bellevue.   Plenty of witnesses saw him on his journey, especially drivers on 520 bridge, many of which drove defensively and helped protect Zeb.  Turns out Zeb was merely homesick.  Zeb was staying in the Lake Union area, while his family was out of town.  Apparently, Zeb decided to head home to Madrona and some how wound up on the 520 bridge.  The State Department of Transportation tweeted saying a dog “walked entire length of 520 bridge!”  Zeb was later spotted in Medina, and finally found in Hunts Point, and is now safe at his Seattle home.

Zeb, is now the most famous dog on both sides of Lake Washington, and probably won’t forget his trip to the Eastside for a long time.