Homesick Dog Heads Toward Bellevue Via 520

Dog on 520Zeb, an Australian shepherd, was spotted on the 520 bridge heading towards Bellevue.   Plenty of witnesses saw him on his journey, especially drivers on 520 bridge, many of which drove defensively and helped protect Zeb.  Turns out Zeb was merely homesick.  Zeb was staying in the Lake Union area, while his family was out of town.  Apparently, Zeb decided to head home to Madrona and some how wound up on the 520 bridge.  The State Department of Transportation tweeted saying a dog “walked entire length of 520 bridge!”  Zeb was later spotted in Medina, and finally found in Hunts Point, and is now safe at his Seattle home.

Zeb, is now the most famous dog on both sides of Lake Washington, and probably won’t forget his trip to the Eastside for a long time.