520 Bridge Tolling To Begin December 29th

Get ready to pay, 520 bridge commuters, because tolling on Highway 520 between Bellevue and Seattle will begin on December 29th (for real this time.)  The tolling system has been delayed since Spring of this year due to technical issues, and the glitch(s) have finally been fixed.  On Wednesday, WSDOT announced the new start date so get your Good To Go passes as soon as possible.  The Good To Go pass provides drivers with a sticker that is electronically read and debits the user’s account.  Stickers are prepaid online, but drivers without a pass will still be billed with an extra $1.50 processing fee.  The new system technology reads chips inside Good To Go stickers, and photographs the license plates of cars without stickers.

Regular rates will vary between $2.20 and $3.50, the maximum charged for peak commute times.  The Good to Go pass works on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge and the carpool lanes of Highway 167 as well.

The Highway 520 tolling program is expected to generate $1 billion to go towards the Highway 520 replacement project.  For more information, please visit the official project page. 

520 Bridge Closed This Weekend

Get ready for traffic, because both ways of the Highway 520 Bridge will be closed this weekend from 11 pm on Friday to 5 a m on Monday morning.  Crews will be working on variety of issues from Montlake Boulevard in Seattle to 1-405 in Bellevue.  Be prepared to take alternate routes and face higher commute times.  For more information, please visit the official WSDOT website.

520 is ‘Good To Go’


The 520 Bridge is almost ready to begin tolling, and the cheapest way to travel over the bridge will be signing up for a Good To Go account.  The Good To Go account comes with a transponder, available for purchase at Safeway stores for $5 dollars.  Transponders are activated by a license plate number and deposit, the use of which is necessary because the lack of toll booths.  The toll will be taken out of the user’s pre-paid account as they cross, and those without a transponder will be fined, thanks to the cameras taking snapshots of license plates.  Good To Go is the state’s most recent electronic tolling system, and WSDOT expects the tolling on 520 will help keep costs to work on the bridge at bay.  Toll amount will vary throughout the day, which was planned to encourage driving during off-peak hours.    Good to go passes are available online, at Safeway stores, or at service centers.  Visit the official website for more information.